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Why Titanium?

There are many lacrosse club choices out there—but no program in the Midwest offers a combined program like Titanium Lacrosse does, nor for as reasonable a cost.  First and foremost, all of our coaches have completed the Titanium Coaches' Certification Program, which ensures that your son will be coached by an individual who has passed a background check, has formal concussion, first aid & CPR training and is a member of US Lacrosse.

We understand players have options for off-season play. To help you decide whether Titanium is the right choice for you, here are a few reasons other top players choose Titanium:

Top Level Tournaments - our teams compete in the top tournaments in the country, some of which are invitation only.

Proven Methodology - built on a foundation that has produced multiple championships and excellent players, Titanium's Methodology for instructing lacrosse is unmatched in the Midwest.  

Dedicated Coaches - Titanium is a coaches' organization.  Our coaches have a proven track record of coaching success and most have their own respective programs. Great high school and college coaches make great coaches; great players don't always make great coaches.  

Recruiting Track Record - The combination of Titanium's track record of placing players at nearly every D1 college program in the country and our vast network of coaches makes Titanium the best choice for those interested in playing college lacrosse. Titanium guides families through every step of the recruiting process.  Check out the list of Titanium College Commitments

Full-Time Director of Player Development & Recruiting - former 5 year college coach, 5 year MLL professional player and 3x All-American midfielder Kevin Boland spends every day developing Titanium players and helping families through the recruiting process.

Benefits of Size - Titanium is one of the largest lacrosse clubs in the United States.  Here is why our size is a huge benefit to our families:

Professional Business - we are a business focused on providing tremendous value to you, our customer.  We also lead the industry in safety

Connection to College Coaches - with over 100 top coaches and multiple state directors, Titanium as a relationship with nearly every college lacrosse program. 

Huge Alumni Base - curious about a college program? Want the real scoop?  Through our Husky Pack Leader Program we will match you with Titanium alumni players who are attending that college (and their families). 

Economies of Scale - lowers the cost of nearly everything for our families (uniform costs, negotiated discounts for tournament fees, ability to host our own events and attract top speakers, etc.).

Full-Time Employees - focused on you!  Whether it's operations, player development, recruiting, apparel, community service... you name it, we have a full-time employee taking care of your needs.

Longevity - we are here to stay.  Other clubs may be here today, gone tomorrow.